Beth Sholom Synagogue

To celebrate and introduce Beth Shalom Synagogue’s 60 years in the community with the re-branding of their logo and identity. The Corporate brand logo is a key element to the way Beth Shalom Synagogue is perceived within the community. Sixth Workshop created a look to complement the new logo. This new branding will highlight Beth Sholom in a warm and friendly way.


We spend time reviewing your information then commence the research process. Competitors, market trends, product/service, business history, target market, future direction, current identity and market leaders are all taken into consideration.


Your presentation is supplied as a PDF and upon request can be showcased on various media to assist in conveying your identity and vision.


We review the project with you and immediately fix any issues you may have with the design. We also discuss colour concepts, photography and any additional brand elements that you may need created. Your brand identity so that it can be used across almost all media — websites, corporate stationery, vehicle wraps, billboard advertising and all other brand collateral.

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