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OMG! — short for Oh My Gals! is a period tracking app for teenage girls.
A safe space girls can be themselves, without fear or embarrassment.
Adolescence is a time of change and excitement!
Full of OMG! moments.
OMG! empowers teenage girls to embrace this change and advocate for themselves.
Periods, body changes, and awkwardness are all a part of growing up.
Gals, let’s know ourselves and embrace who we are.
We believe in confidently embracing who we are.

Be Bold. Be You!

We all have our quirks and imperfections, it’s what makes us unique.
OMG! embraces this idea with its logo, a tilted exclamation mark, representing individuality and imperfections. Instead of hiding or denying these parts of ourselves, we encourage you to embrace them.
Be proud of who you are, quirks and all!
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